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The Institute for Research Excellence in Sport and Exercise (IRESE)

Key Staff and Contacts

Cardiff Metropolitan University - School of Sport

Prof Sheldon Hanton
Professor of Sport Psychology
E-mail: shanton@cardiffmet.ac.uk
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Prof Scott Fleming
Professor of Sport and Leisure Studies
E-mail: sfleming@cardiffmet.ac.uk
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Prof Rob Shave
Professor of Sport and Exercise Physiology, Director of Research
E-mail: rshave@cardiffmet.ac.uk
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Prof Robyn Jones
Professor of Sport and Social Theory
E-mail: rljones@cardiffmet.ac.uk
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Dr Rich Neil
Reader in Sport and Exercise Psychology and Research Methods
E-mail: rneil@cardiffmet.ac.uk
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Dr Lynne Evans
Reader of Sport Psychology
E-mail: levans@cardiffmet.ac.uk
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Dr Ian Mitchell
Senior Lecturer (Sport Psychology)
E-mail: imitchell@cardiffmet.ac.uk
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Dr Ian Bezodis
Senior Lecturer in Biomechanics
E-mail: ibezodis@cardiffmet.ac.uk
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Prof David Kerwin
Professor Emeritus of Biomechanics
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Dr Marianne Gittoes
Senior Lecturer
E-mail: magittoes@cardiffmet.ac.uk
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Prof Gareth Irwin
Professor in Sports Biomechanics
E-mail: girwin@cardiffmet.ac.uk
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Dr Karianne Backx
Principal lecturer: Sport and Exercise Physiology
E-mail: kbackx@cardiffmet.ac.uk
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Dr Steve Cooper
Reader in Applied Biostatistics and Data Analysis
E-mail: smcooper@cardiffmet.ac.uk
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Prof Carwyn Jones
Professor in Sports Ethics
E-mail: crjones@cardiffmet.ac.uk
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Dr Owen Thomas
Reader in Sport Psychology
E-mail: othomas@cardiffmet.ac.uk
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Dr Brendan Cropley
Principal Lecturer
E-mail: bcropley@cardiffmet.ac.uk
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Dr Kevin Morgan
Senior Lecturer
E-mail: kmorgan@cardiffmet.ac.uk
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Dr Michael G Hughes
Senior Lecturer (Sport and Exercise Physiology)
E-mail: mghughes@cardiffmet.ac.uk
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Dr Eric Stöhr
Lecturer in Cardiac Physiology and Health
E-mail: estohr@cardiffmet.ac.uk
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Dr David Brown
Reader in the Sociology of Sport and Physical Culture
E-mail: dbrown@cardiffmet.ac.uk

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Dr Nicola Bolton
Principal Lecturer
E-mail: njbolton@cardiffmet.ac.uk
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Welsh Centre for Tourism Research

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Prof Annette Pritchard
Professor of Tourism, Director of Welsh Centre for Tourism Research
E-mail: apritchard@cardiffmet.ac.uk
Prof Eleri Jones
Associate Dean (Research)
E-mail: ejones@cardiffmet.ac.uk
Dr Diane Sedgley
Senior Lecturer in Tourism
E-mail: dsedgley@cardiffmet.ac.uk
Dr Claire Haven-Tang
Reader in Tourism and Management
E-mail: chaven-tang@cardiffmet.ac.uk