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Staff and Contacts

Bangor University - School of Sport, Health and Exercise Sciences

Prof Tim Woodman
Professor, Sport Psychology: Personality and Stress; High Risk Sport, Head of School
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Prof Neil Walsh
Professor, Deputy Head of School (Research)
E-mail: n.walsh@bangor.ac.uk
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Prof Andy Lemmey
Professor, Exercise Physiology
E-mail: a.b.lemmey@bangor.ac.uk
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Prof Lew Hardy
Research Professor, Sport Psychology
E-mail: l.hardy@bangor.ac.uk
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Dr Andy Cooke
Lecturer, Sport Psychophysiology
E-mail: a.m.cooke@bangor.ac.uk
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Dr Jamie Macdonald
Senior Lecturer in Clinical Exercise Physiology and Outdoor Activities, Deputy Head of School (Teaching and Learning)
E-mail: j.h.macdonald@bangor.ac.uk
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Prof Nicky Callow
Reader in Sport Psychology, Dean of the College Health and Behavioural Sciences
E-mail: n.callow@bangor.ac.uk
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Dr Stuart Beattie
Lecturer, Sport Psychology
E-mail: s.j.beattie@bangor.ac.uk
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Dr Hans-Peter Kubis
Senior Lecturer, Physiology
E-mail: pes203@bangor.ac.uk
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Dr Jonathan Moore

Lecturer, Cardiovascular Physiology

E-mail: j.p.moore@bangor.ac.uk

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Dr Matt Barlow
Post-doctoral Researcher/Lecturer
E-mail: pep20b@bangor.ac.uk
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Dr Vicky Gottwald
Lecturer, Motor Learning
E-mail: v.m.gottwald@bangor.ac.uk
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Dr David Markland
Senior Lecturer, Exercise Psychology, Director of Postgraduate Research
E-mail: d.a.markland@bangor.ac.uk
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Dr Amy Hayes
Lecturer, Motor Control
E-mail: a.hayes@bangor.ac.uk
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Dr James Hardy
Senior Lecturer, Sport and Exercise Psychology
E-mail: j.t.hardy@bangor.ac.uk
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Dr Sam Oliver
Lecturer, Exercise Physiology, Director of Undergraduate Studies
E-mail: s.j.oliver@bangor.ac.uk
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Dr Gavin Lawrence
Lecturer, Motor Control
E-mail: g.p.lawrence@bangor.ac.uk
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Dr Ross Roberts
Lecturer, Sport Psychology, Director of Masters Studies
E-mail: ross.roberts@bangor.ac.uk
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