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The Institute for Research Excellence in Sport and Exercise (IRESE)

Research Themes

The origins of IRESE are anchored in 20 years of research cooperation between the School of Sport, Health and Exercise Sciences at Bangor University and the Cardiff School of Sport at Cardiff Metropolitan University, and over 50 international peer reviewed journal articles or other research outputs.  From this collaboration, four broad research themes have developed within IRESE, and future work aims to consolidate and grow this collaborative inter- and multi-disciplinary research:


Psychology of Elite Performance

This collaboration is the longest standing research link between the two institutions comprising IRESE. Staff from both Universities focus research on areas such as Stress and performance, Mental toughness, Psychology of sports injuries, Life skill development, Motivation and Self-confidence



Physiology and Health

This broad research group covers physiology research relating to human performance and health in active or clinical populations across a range of environments (eg altitude, extreme temperatures), as well as those of other species (eg great apes).



Movement Science

This wide ranging research area incorporates expertise in the fields of sport biomechanics; motor control and learning; sports coaching.



Tourism, Sociology and Philosophy of Sport

The Welsh Centre for Tourism Research (WCTR) is one of the Cardiff Metropolitan University's recognised centres of research excellence and research interests in sociology and philosophy of sport are wide-ranging and include aspects of social interaction, ethnography, philosophy and ethics.