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The Institute for Research Excellence in Sport and Exercise (IRESE)

Research Themes - Research Related Income

Some Highlights

Significant sums of research income have been secured from a variety of sources.

  • The EPSRC-funded SESAME project, which began in 2006, was worth a total of £3.7 million and completed successfully in 2010.
  • Over £1.7 million has been secured from the Ministry of Defence since 2010 to investigate the influence of trainers’ coaching and leadership skills on recruit retention and performance, the effects of a fourth meal on immunity and physical performance in soldiers, the effects of Vitamin D status on health and performance in military personnel, and the cognitive neuroscience of mental resilience.
  • Since 2008, a very strong relationship has been established with the England and Wales Cricket Board (£166k), which has funded three PhD students investigating mental toughness, talent selection, and group dynamics.
  • Recent collaborations with the School of Psychology, the Institute of Medical and Social Care Research, King’s College Hospital London, Queen Margaret University – Edinburgh, and Swansea University, have also recently secured £8.62 million for projects on exercise rehabilitation for arthritis, dementia, and kidney disease.
  • An international collaborative research project has been funded by the Norwegian Research Council for a three-year multi-partner study led by the Arctic University of Norway at Tromsø about winter tourism and events worth a total of £1.7 million.
  • A series of linked studies concerned with playing surfaces for certain team sports has now secured £400k and has addressed fatigue testing and the ‘One Turf Concept’.
  • From the commercial sector, research on cold protection clothing has been funded by Blizzard Protection Ltd (£130k).
  • Funded by UK Sport, the publication of the report entitled A comparison of the biographies of GB serial medal and non-medalling Olympic athletes marked the completion of the first major externally-funded IRESE project (over £600k).